“Anders has been by side through all of the ups and downs of becoming epileptic…I have forgotten a lot from when Anders and I started dating and I even hardly remember the proposal which was only a year ago. I am very afraid that a little while after the wedding the same thing is going to happen. That is why a wedding video would be so important to me,” – Taylor.

This was the first thing I read when Taylor contacted me – and I leaned back in my chair, blown away by her openness, honesty, and beauty of the relationship I knew Taylor + Anders had. And I didn’t even know the half of it…yet!

Taylor + Anders met at a high school dance. Actually, they met at the afterparty where both of their evenings had gone horribly (and luckily!) awry – but found solace and comfort in talking with each other. Taylor sent him a casual text that evening wishing him the best – and after watching “one of the worst Bruce Willis movies ever: Surrogates”, found themselves to be inseparable.

In fact, within two weeks of dating, Anders came home and told his father that he “knew she was the one.” And on 8.8.15, he was right.

The wedding day itself was a beautiful expression of their love and personalities – from a heartfelt first look full of tears, happiness, and a pretty awesome heart-shaped high five sequence, to deeply personal vows beautifully balancing both their depth and whimsical nature, Taylor + Anders showed everyone attending what true love is.