The first time Arielle met Phil, she was auditioning to be the lead singer of his band, “Autumn Twilights” – but it was clear soon after that Phil was really the one auditioning for Arielle’s heart.

After a few dates that Phil insisted were ‘band meetings’, Phil laid it on the line with a beautifully heartfelt song he wrote for her called, “Nothing Without You,” that, as he put it:

From top to bottom, embodied exactly what I was looking for in somebody. It felt like I had found it.

It was a good move, and as Arielle replied:

I remember thinking, ‘I wasn’t waiting for you, you weirdo’. But ultimately, he was right.

The scope of detail and emotion was breathtaking.

It started in the morning when Phil sent Arielle a tongue-in-cheek card featuring two skeletons with the caption, “Til Death Do you Part is for Quitters!’, eliciting a delightful laugh. Then, after donning her dress, Arielle had her Dad come and see her for the first time where he simply melted into the tenderest of bear hugs.

Arielle then glided towards Phil for their first look, a shy smile radiating from cheek to cheek and left Phil spellbound and speechless upon seeing her.

Meanwhile everyone was anxiously gathering for the ceremony, and when the moment came for Arielle to come down the aisle, light enveloped her veil leaving Phil to wonder if she had literally transformed into an angel.

But the most powerful part of all were their hand-written vows.

Eloquently alternating from that same skeleton card tongue-in-cheek humor, to heart-achingly beautiful moments where they opened their hearts fully and completely, they became husband and wife.