When Anna casually mentioned to Mark after their first date, “So, this wasn’t a date right?” Mark was justifiably crushed.

But he didn’t give up.

The duo remained close friends through college, right up until Senior year where things finally clicked – and it seems odd to think they were ever apart.

Together their playful banter reminds you that life is meant to be lived, and is balanced with a profound and eloquent love and understanding. Like two old souls come together, Anna + Mark are absolutely perfect for each other.
As Mark put it: “There’s never been a time I haven’t been yours.”

Anna and Mark’s journey begins in college with a first date that wasn’t a date – and develops into a beautiful and profound understanding of each other. From playful banter, to creating their own wedding bands from melted white gold together, to their eloquent and heartfelt vows, their story will make your heart flutter.