Each year on our anniversary, Rachel and I not only celebrate, but chat about our challenges, hopes and dreams for the coming year together. Then we’ll jot them down casually before ordering another glass of wine.

Last year we were sitting down with our bottle of wine, held hands, and both nervously set some big goals that mattered a lot to us: Rachel would begin her wedding photography business, and, after filming high end weddings for other videographers for over 5 years, I would formally begin my wedding film business. We smiled, kissed, and I made a toast:

“Who knows – maybe we’d even get to shoot a wedding together!!”



After weeks of research, we invested in some additional camera gear (it’s a major win when your spouse is as excited as you are to buy gear!), and started putting in the work. Lots of work.

We strategically said ‘no’ to a lot this year, which some people may see as a negative – but for us, it provided a certain kind of freedom knowing we were on a mission together. We supported each other when things were tough, and helped each other improve at our respective crafts.

And neither one of us would be what we are today without the other.


Then, almost without realizing it, we found ourselves coming up on our third anniversary – and we had absolutely killed it together. To celebrate, I told Rachel to let me take care of this year’s celebration, because A) I love giving surprises, and B) she deserved something great. And me? My reward would be that coy smile of hers as she plays along (pass the cheese please!).


I planned a surprise, 3-year anniversary photoshoot with Marlene and John Koman complete with hair + MU, a new wardrobe (this was by far the hardest part – thank you to one of my bride’s Arielle for the fashion styling tips!), a picnic with her favorite chocolates, a cute letter, and the same champaign we shared after she said ‘yes’ to my proposal 4 years ago.

Of course, I figured at this point she’d feel a bit upstaged, so I wrote a letter to myself from her too.


Because after one year we had not only accomplished our goals, but shot two weddings together. TWO!! This year has been a dream come true in every sense of the word, and I’m incredibly thankful to both my wife, and to the couple’s who’ve given me some incredible opportunities to share some truly personal stories.

Cheers to another incredible year!!