Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I shoot weddings?

Shooting weddings is a job, but it’s also something I love to do. As a fulfilled romantic (Rachel Stelter‘s my dream gal – 9/15/12!), telling the personal stories couple’s share is a fun and beautiful affirmation of my belief in love.

How do you ‘tell our story’?

Storytelling is not just pretty shots. It’s not just sun-flares, table decor, or steadicam work. These are visual elements that I use, but storytelling is finding the emotion and purpose within each shot, and weaving them together in a way that delivers more than any one shot can accomplish. That emotional connection you feel after watching a film? That is storytelling.

Do you have a ‘type’ of bride you work with?

If you: find personalized vows inspiring, prefer hand-written letters to hallmark cards, or like the idea of re-watching your wedding film on your anniversary, let’s talk!

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

I accept a limited number of weddings per year to ensure you get my undivided attention before, during, and after the wedding. Once I’m booked for the year, that’s it!

Do you travel for weddings?

100% yes! Destination weddings are my faaaavorite, and I’ve had the opportunity to shoot both nationally and internationally.

Have you worked at my venue before?

Maybe? While I can’t answer that just yet, I can tell you that if you’re getting married at a location I’ve not been to, I always make an extra effort to either visit the venue prior to your date or arrive extra early to scout for the absolute best spots to shoot.

Can you meet with us in person?

Absolutely – in fact, I would love to meet you both! And if an in-person meeting is not an option (or LA traffic makes you grumpy) I’m happy to do a video skype meet-up. Pajama pants for everyone!

Do you have any recommendations of other great vendors to work with?

You bet! Working with great vendors makes the day run smoother, and results in better work for everyone. We highly recommend the following:

What else do you do outside of wedding films?

What? A life outside of wedding films?! You’re right – you caught me. Well, I’m a competitive tennis player (like, very competitive), my two favorite films are Shawshank Redemption and Dumb and Dumber – polar opposites, but pretty much the spectrum I enjoy working in 😉 I also love going for evening walks with my wife Rachel because, while we work hard, we’re both about 95 years old at heart and like to slow down at least a little to enjoy the scenery.


What do your wedding packages cost?

Great question! To provide the level of detail, story, and service I’m proud to say has become synonymous with my wedding films, collections start at $4,150.

Do you offer ceremony-only coverage?

Unfortunately we do not.

Can you customize one of your packages?

Yes! As long as the base investment option is met, our investment options are fully customizeable around your needs.

What kinds of films do you offer?

There are three main types of films: Trailers, Short Films, Feature Films.

  • Trailers are artistic, emotionally charged stories cut to music with lengths varying by package from 3:00 – 3:30 minutes.
  • Short Films are 6-8 minutes in length, and a hot new selection due to popular demand! Edited in the same cinematic style as a Trailer, but with the space to more fully experience your wedding and all of it’s beautiful detail!
  • Feature Films are 12-15 minutes in length, and blend the emotional storytelling of a trailer with the comprehensiveness of a Documentary edit. This is the gold standard of what you’ll want to watch 20 years from now!

We also offer full Documentary Edits of your day focused on coverage, allowing you to relive your ceremony and reception in chronological order, exactly as it happens. Email me for examples!

Do I offer raw footage?

Yes – but there’s a catch (you knew it!): I believe it’s important that know what to expect with raw footage, so get ready to learn! Raw footage means that you receive footage exactly as an editor would: video clips with in-camera audio, no syncing of clean audio, no organization, just files. If that’s what you’re looking for, it is available as an additional option.


What happens after we book you - what happens next?

First, we send you a super secret, awesome email that only select couple’s get to see congratulating you on being, well, awesome!

Then, depending on how far out your wedding is, there may be a bit of down-time in communication, but I will reach out six weeks prior to your wedding with a detailed questionnaire and to discuss your timeline. Four weeks out you’ll receive a list detailing how you can get the absolute most out of your wedding film, and I’ll be in fluid communication with you, your planner, and other vendors to ensure a smooth shoot!


My wedding is outside, which could get dark - is that OK for video?

I bring lighting equipment to each and every wedding I film to ensure consistent quality, great looking wedding films.

Why do you need 30 minutes for couple’s shots?

A large portion of my work depends on having time with the couple to capture personal, emotional, and fun moments one-on-one! My best work has always had at least 30 minutes to capture couple’s shots.

Can we cut couple’s shots short?

Of course – my rule is simple: it’s your wedding! However there is a trade-off: a shorter period of time spent on couple’s shots results in less video captured during that time, and limited options in the edit. I highly recommend 30 minutes at a minimum.

How long do you need to prepare for the ceremony?

Capturing the ceremony properly is vital, and a lot happens all at once – we require at least 45 minutes of time allows to double and triple check setups, as well as capture the ambiance.

How do you capture audio?

Clean audio is a top concern for storytelling, and for that reason we capture it in many different ways.

  • For pre-reception events (letters, first looks, and ceremony) we mic the bride, groom, and officiant with lavs. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Wait – you mic the bride?” Absolutely – you’re a key part of the day, and hearing your vows or letters read aloud crisply and cleanly is important. Our process to mic you is straight forward and very respectful of your personal space, however if you don’t feel comfortable that is OK too! If you’re on the fence, we’re here to walk you through all options 😉
  • For reception events (toasts) we connect straight to the DJ, band, or speakers for clean audio.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes! While I prefer egg whites and oatmeal or breakfast burrito’s (at ANY time of day), a vendor meal will prevent fainting at awkward times. No, this has not actually happened.


Do you offer revisions on our films?

No – but bear with me! When selecting your wedding filmmaker you are not just selecting a person, but a sense of style and taste. Trailers are an artistic interpretation of your day, and carefully crafted to represent your story in the best possible light. To balance this, Documentary Edits are crafted to remove the artistic element and focus on providing comprehensive coverage, exactly as it happened.

What kind of music do you use?

While some wedding filmmakers may use ‘top 40s hits’ – I only use licensed music in your trailer, short film or feature film for two simple reasons:

  1. It’s illegal to use unlicensed music.
  2. As an artist, I respect the work musicians put into creating their songs.

I also believe music is an exceptionally important part of setting the tone and mood of your film, and I spend hours pouring over libraries of professional music to select just the right song for you!

When will our films be ready?!

Packages with Trailers will be ready 5 months from your wedding date, and packages with Feature Films will be ready 6 months from your wedding date.

Where will we see our film?

On the day of release you will receive an email with a link to your Trailer (public) as well as links to your Documentary Edits (private).

Can we share our video? Anywhere we want?!

Absolutely! In fact, I highly encourage it 😉 However, I do ask that you tag me on any social media, as word of mouth is extremely important in helping awesome couple’s like yourselves find me!

How will our films be delivered?

Standard delivery method is digital file delivery, where you have 1 month to download all films. Additional delivery options include customized Blu-Rays or USBs.

How do you select what goes into the trailer?

I look for one thing above all else: what is the heart of your story? From there, I select the most emotional and relevant parts of the day and weave them together to create your trailer. Common reactions include: laughing, hugging, and happy-crying.

When are blu-rays or USBs delivered?

Blu-rays or USBs will be delivered within one month of video delivery.

Investments Starting at $3,550