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Karl StelterA boutique, Los Angeles-based wedding filmmaker, my films are known for their beauty, grace, and humanity. I get excited about details. Hand-written love letters. Small surprises and classic love – the kind where you look ahead and see yourselves 50 years from now, gazing into each other’s eyes like you did on your wedding day. 

Your wedding films aren’t meant to just be exciting, but emotionally crafted around what matters to you.

They are digital heirlooms that transport you back to the exact moment in time when you started your life together.

Outside of weddings, I play competitive tennis (yes, really! I LOVE tennis), run, have a bit of a nerdy side, and love quoting movies casually in everyday conversation.

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  • “I’m going to watch this until my phone breaks! Thank you so much for capturing the sweetest moments of our special day!!!! 💕💕💕”

  • I really can go on and on about how fantastic Karl is and how happy I am with our video, but really the proof is in the pudding. Watch Karl’s videos that he has compiled and tell me that you don’t cry from the raw emotion that he captures through the cinematic stories that he tells.”

  • Karl and his team did such an amazing job capturing our wedding! Videography was one of hardest decisions for us to make in our wedding planning process…and you want to make sure the person you’re hiring will capture you and your day perfectly.

    The film he made for us looks as professional as a movie trailer and I’m so thankful we will be able to watch it whenever we want to transport ourselves back to the best day of our lives!”

  • Karl Stelter turned our wedding into a fantasy movie trailer and memories that will last a lifetime. His ability to tell our own unique story brought us both to tears.”

  • We were completely blown away by the trailer! He managed to create absolute fairy tale in 4min and capture the most romantic moments of the event. We got lots of complements on the video and all friends said it was by far the best wedding video they’ve seen! I couldn’t agree more!”

  • He has an uncanny ability to key into people’s authentic emotions, reveal touching moments, and weave everything together into a story that conveys the entire vibe of our wedding day – when my sister watched our trailer video, she said it literally gave her chills.”

  • “Karl spent a lot of time getting to know us as a couple and went to our venue several times prior to the wedding. He invests a lot of time and energy into each of his projects and really takes ownership of the film…Everyone has raved about the trailer- my friends (and their moms) even teared up when they watched it!

    If you want a wedding film that you will want to watch 5 times a day then give Karl a call… you wont regret it!”

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